SoIN- A News and Tribune Publication
Jan. 22, 2015 - Issue 49

"Such a great treat to see you again at Hubers this past Sunday. Our friends LOVED your music, as I knew they would. I just really enjoy your presence on stage! The pattern to your voice I find pleasant... your connection to the crowd is genuine... and I know this sounds really goofy... but your music makes me think of yellow... which for me is a happy color! Thank you for playing such great music with such a great smile."
~ Barb P. (Borden, IN)

"Invest in Petar Mandic's first album! My first encounter with his music was at Drake's when he dedicated a treasured song to a friend of mine who had just lost his life--he sang with such compassion, artistry and skill that we were all captivated. I can describe his album as: uniquely lyrical, rangy, vulnerable yet gritty, grounded yet thought provoking; layered/accessible and certainly skilled linguistically. It has often been said about great music that if the artist lets you in to his soul, you will never be the same--that is the truth in this artist's journey. Show your support for his accomplishments and his incredible journey! (I have not been compensated for this message). Cheers to all for a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!"

~ Jessica W. (Louisville, KY)


"I love the album. It was the perfect drive tune home "At least I know where to find her gives me hope for another day"

~ Stephen M. (Louisville, KY)